Dev. Virto Mini Calendar for SP2007

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Virto Mini Calendar allows SharePoint users to show all the events from different data sources (SharePoint List, SQL Tables, Microsoft Exchange, XML, Google Calendar, SharePoint List Web Service) in a small single calendar.

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Virto Mini Calendar is intended to show all the events from different data sources (SharePoint List, SQL Tables, Microsoft Exchange, XML, Google Calendar, SharePoint List Web Service) in one small single calendar!
The most valuable feature of the Virto Mini Calendar is having all the events from different data sources displayed in a single calendar view with opportunity of easy navigation between months and viewing highlighted items by date. This is especially notable value in comparison with most other calendars that can only use one data source. To distinguish events from different sources, likewise in Virto Calendar, multi-level color coding is used, though Virto Mini Calendar allows using color-coding for titles of events.
Virto Mini Calendar can be easily connected to Virto Calendar and applied by users as navigator for Virto Calendar by switching from month to month.
Virto Mini Calendar is built on Ajax technology and is designed for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. Installation is simple and only requires a small amount of time. The component is availbale for Sharepoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions.
Supported Data Sources (all data source are rolled up and showed into single calendar)
SharePoint List of any types (within any site collection)
SQL Tables (SQL 2005/2008)
Variety of Calendar Views
Ability to display as many months as you need by adjusting view
Multi level Color Coding
Event coloring according to event data source
Event coloring according to event type
Color legend for data sources
Microsoft Exchange Integration
Displaying unlimited numbers of Microsoft Exchange Calendars into single view
Adding personal or corporate Microsoft Exchange Calendars
Windows authentication for displaying personal calendars
Each Calendar can be showed in different colors
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 & 2010 support
Appearance settings
Predefined color themes ( petal, citrus, cardinal, breeze, belltown, verdant)
Setting up calendar width and height to accommodate your design
Advanced filtering allowing to display only items satisfied to specific criteria (available for SharePoint Lists)
Printing of any calendar view

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