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Software todo-en-uno de diagrama para diagrama de flujo, organigrama, etc. Compre la licencia de una vez y después, pueda disfrutar gratis del servicio de actualización de por vida.

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OrgCharting is trusted by some of the world’s most recognizable brands. With OrgCharting’s powerful features, creating an organizational chart has never been so simple.
1. Built-in Templates
Templates let you create quickly. Get inspired and start your design by choosing from our ready-made, professional-looking templates.
2. Auto-create
Create an organizational chart automatically either by using templates or by importing an Excel data file. No drawings required.
3. Data-interactive
With a simple click, you can turn data into charts or charts into data. Additionally, resynchronize your organizational chart with updated data sources.
4. Plan & Management
OrgCharting is an ideal tool for workforce planning and prioritizing. It helps increase work productivity.
Easily Create High-quality Organizational Charts
√ Automatic Layout
Create an organizational chart automatically with a few steps, no design skills required.
√ Appealing Themes
Apply various appealing, ready-made themes to make your organizational chart look more professional.
√ Quick to Start
Choose a template that suits your needs to start making a chart right away.
√ Bulk Upload
Quickly upload employee data in bulk.
Data-driven, Interactive Organizational Charts
√ From Data to Chart
Simply upload employee data with a CSV, XLSX, or TXT file to generate a chart automatically.
√ Add Custom Data Fields
Define or name new dataa fields as needed. Be able to create an organizational chart to your requirements.
√ One-button Resynchronization
Resynchronize your org chart with an updated data source in one click.
√ Powerful Search
Get instant access to relevant information.
Workforce and HR Management
√ Company Data Visualization
Visualize your company’s data for better strategic planning and decision making.
√ HR Management
Improve HR management efficiency with regards to employee data management and workforce planning.
√ Multiple Views for Different Purposes
Choose a different view to display relevant data based on your chart objective.
√ Project Resource Planning
The Gantt chart view enables managers to plan project resources and assign tasks to employees easily.
Presentation, Export and Share
√ Advanced Presentation
Generate presentation slides automatically with only one click.
√ Export to Multiple Formats
Export the entire chart or specific branches to PDF, MS Word and other formats.
√ Easy to Share
Feel free to share your org chart to anyone with an Html web link.
√ Cloud Collaboration
Based on cloud storage, your team members can work together on the same project, at any time, on any device.
· Library of Templates
Start with a huge selection of chart templates in different styles and formats. Quickly edit an existing template to save time.
· Professional Layout
OrgCharting can help you create charts that are visually striking, making them stand out from the rest.
· Employee Database
Create interactive employee databases with OrgCharting so that you can manage employee data and analyze them from different perspectives.
· Advanced Themes
Choose from a large variety of themes to fit the different scenarios. Select your favorite color schemes and font styles.
· Task Management
Use the organizational chart as a management tool to manage employee data and schedule work.

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