Garmin Vector 3 Dual Side Power Meter Pedals – Reconditioned


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Garmin as a brand are synonymous in the sphere of cycling tech. With a product like the Garmin Vector 3 power meter pedal, it’s easy to understand why the US-brand is such a respected name in the industry. This third attempt at a pedal-based power meter has ironed out some of the issues earlier versions faced. It’s now simple to install, offers an industry-leading +/-1% accuracy, and looks virtually indistinguishable to an ordinary Look pedal. Be sure to check out our review on the blog here. Dual-Sided Power Meter A single-sided power meter can be an excellent option if you’re limited in budget, but it’s undeniable that if you want to get the most accurate and usable data then dual-sided is the way to go. With a single-sided power meter, power is recorded on the left crankarm and doubled; with a dual-sided, pedal-based power meter an independent reading is taken from both the left and right pedal. This means that any discrepancies in the watts coming from each leg can be detected. In a single-sided power meter, if you have a power imbalance in one leg this won’t be detected. The Garmin Vector 3 does more than just take an independent reading for both legs. As a Garmin product you’ll also be able to tap into their detailed Cycling Dynamics. In this you can identify where pressure is being put through the pedals, helping to identify whether your cleats are in the right position. You can also see your Power Phase (when power starts to go through the pedals and stops) and time spent sitting and standing. So, if you’re a data junkie you certainly won’t feel short changed. Battery Power And Getting Going The Garmin Vector 3 power meter pedal is operated by four, simple-to-install LR44/SR55 coin-cell batteries, which will provide up to 120-hours battery life. What’s more, with the Vector 3 the finnicky installation process of previous iterations is gone. Though Garmin still recommend torquing your pedals to 35Nm, if you don’t it won’t affect the accuracy of your device. Once it’s physically installed, the software system set up is simple and intuitive. A light on the spindle will indicate the device is working as it should (or not, but in that unlikely event, Garmin offers a number of troubleshooting guides). Once your device is up and running, you’ll be able to pair it to a bike computer or indoor trainer via ANT+ or Bluetooth. After a simple zero-offset, you’re good to go. What Does Refurbished Mean? These products may be refurbished but that doesn’t mean they don’t meet the same specifications as a brand-new Garmin Vector 3. The devices come with a new pedal body, include a new set of Look Keo style cleats, and have a two-year warranty. In short, it would be virtually impossible to distinguish these from a new device. Product Features Installs like a regular pedal dual-sided power meter pedal Measures total power, left/balance, cadence, and cycling dynamics Update via an Edge cycling computer, via ANT+ or Bluetooth Up to 120-hours battery life Battery type: LR44/SR44 (x4) Weight: 316g Maximum rider weight: 105kg Accuracy: +/- 1.0% Cleat type: Keo Q-factor: 53 or 55 Stack height: 11.5 mm Cornering clearance: 31.7 Static friction: 1.9 Field calibration Adjustable release tension Garmin Connect™ Measurement location: spindle Communication: ANT+® and Bluetooth® Included: Vector 3, Look Keo style cleat hardware, Documentation Two-year Warranty

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