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Give your training sessions more structure and save yourself from harsh weather conditions with the Saris H3 smart trainer. Equipped with a direct drive system, large flywheel and electromagnetic resistance, the Saris H3 replicates real-world inertia with outstanding accuracy and provides a real-world ride feel like no other smart trainer. Built to handle 2000 watts and replicate a 20% climbing grade, it can simulate the toughest climbs and the fastest sprints with incredible ease. Compatible with almost any mountain bike or road bike, the Saris H3 ensures you get a great workout, regardless of what discipline you ride. Offering integrated cadence, speed, and power data that is accurate to +/-2%, the amount of ride information available with the H3 is second-to-none. Of course, being an ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible unit, you can pair the Saris H3 with a range of power meters, cycle computers and monitors to track your session effectively and allows you to use apps such as Zwift and TrainerRoad to liven up your training session. Due to the carefully constructed running system, which exerts less than 59-decibels when at full capacity, you can be sure to ride hard and train fast without disturbing others. Finally, using advanced internal cooling technology, this unit remains accurate, even during the most extended training sessions. Quieter Than Ever: all-new drive system shaves decibels off previous generations. Precise Training: +/- 2% power accuracy. Built to handle 2000 watts Ability to replicate a 20% climbing grade ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible Controlled and Consistent: electromagnetic resistance provides a measured workout every time. Direct Drive Design: widest bike compatibility and eliminates wheel slips. No External Sensors Required: measures speed, cadence and power. Seamless Integration: connects to indoor cycling apps with dual ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth FTMS standards. Includes one-month subscription to ROUVY virtual training app Zwift certified. BKOOL certified. Free 30 day Zwift trial included. Free 30 day Rouvy trial included. Free 30 day Peaks Coaching Group trial included. Trust Your Trainer Trade in that gym membership – all Saris H3 trainers come with a manufacturer warranty* included as standard – ride confident you have many miles ahead of you. *Frame lifetime warranty *Electronics 2-years warranty *Pulley, belt and freehub 1-year warranty Do Not Disturb Forget noisy training sessions – at a mere 59 decibels at 20 mph, the H3 is five times quieter than previous generations – fit your session into your lifestyle and train any time, without worrying about disturbance. A Trainer for Life Don’t fear training too hard – the H3 uniquely offers fully serviceable components which can be replaced individually – no more delays or expensive manufacturer repairs getting between you and the ride. Find Your Style How do you like to train? Find out with three months‘ worth of trials with Zwift, Rouvy and Peaks Coaching Group included with all H3’s.

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