Science in Sport GO Hydro Tablet 8 Tubes of 20 – Strawberry and Lime


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At Science in Sport they are dedicated to developing the best sports nutrition products to help endurance athletes perform at their best. Their range includes award winning gels, powders, bars and supplements, used by elite athletes around the world. SiS Go Hydro was developed in conjunction with the Skandia Team GBR for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Its effectiveness has been proven by elite athletes and is now used as part of their ritual. Key Features: SiS Go Hydro is the next wave in sports hydration, for all your fluid and hydration needs. Virtually no calories – only 7.5 kcal per serving. Low hydration can lower performance, so for effective rehydration a drink must provide a balance between its palatability and its sodium concentration. This is because sodium promotes fluid intake and so helps drive rehydration. Has been formulated to provide 30mmol solution of sodium as well as other electrolytes for optimal hydration. Contains ’superfood‘ antioxidants and natural flavourings. Includes either elderberry anthocycanins (with berry flavour) or green tea antioxidants (with lemon flavour) which both help protect against damage from oxidative stress. Very convenient to use and easy to carry. Tube contains effervescent tablets to make 20 x 500ml servings.

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