Virto Collaboration Suite for SP2010

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Download and use Virto SharePoint Collaboration Suite to enjoy 9 ready-to-use components on your SharePoint site. With help of this group of web parts you will got enormous amount of features that will amke your working on SharePoint site much more effective and comfortable. As a result you will be able to use calendar view of all your tasks in a single place, Gantt chart of planned tasks and resources, kanban board and pivot view of tasks and other data and many other features.

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Virto SharePoint Collaboration Suite consists of nine independent components united to build collaboration process on your SharePoint site in the most attractive and appropriate way. Use our flexible and ready-to-use tools to maximize the effectivenes of your SharePoint site. Just download and start using collaboration package provided by Virtosoftware!
1. Virto Ajax Calendar for SharePoint (incl. Exchange support)
Virto Calendar is an Ajax based component that makes it possible for SharePoint users to view all of their events from different data sources (SharePoint List, SQL Tables, Microsoft Exchange, XML, Google Calendar, SharePoint List Web Service) in one single calendar.
2. Virto Gantt Task View for SharePoint
Virto Gantt Task View is a Silverlight-based web part intended for advanced visualization of SharePoint tasks. With help of this this component SharePoint users get a simple and effective tool for displaying their tasks in Gantt Chart.
3. Virto Incoming Email Feature
Virto Incoming Email Feature is designed for routing and collecting incoming e-mails from POP3 & IMAP Servers.
4. Virto Kanban Board (N/A for SP2007)
Virto Kanban Board allows SharePoint users to visualize and manage tasks in SharePoint. Using this web part users can show any SharePoint list or library as a Kanban Board, where cards are divided into the columns usually depending on the status and show the tasks be done.
5. Virto Pivot View
Virto Pivot View is a Silverlight-based component intended for visualization and convenient management of large amounts of data in Microsoft SharePoint. The web part displays vast collections of data as sets of images and provides features for convenient browsing, filtering, sorting and grouping the data.
6. Virto Resource Utilization Web Part for SharePoint
Virto Resource Utilization is a Silverlight-based web part that provide SharePoint users with a variety of tools for resource management and online utilization tracking.
7. Virto Social Aggregator Web Part
Virto Social Aggregator allows aggregating and effective displaying posts from various RSS feeds, combining blogs, news as well Twitter and popular social networks(Facebook).
8. Virto Tag Cloud Web Part (N/A for SP2013)
Virto Tag Cloud makes it possible for SharePoint users to structure data stored in SharePoint lists navigate through it.
9. Virto Ajax Mini Calendar for SharePoint
Virto Mini Calendar is an Ajax-based component that allows users to show all the events from different data sources (SharePoint List, SQL Tables, Microsoft Exchange, XML, Google Calendar, SharePoint List Web Service) in one small single calendar.

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