Virto Create & Clone AD User for SP2007

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Virto Create & Clone AD User – web part for integrating Active Directories and SharePoint. This simple and effective component allows SharePoint administrator to conveniently and quickly create and clone AD user accounts, as well as SharePoint user accounts.

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Large companies and organizations often need to create a lot of AD user profiles when hiring new people, moving staff across departments or re-organizing the company structure. With Virto Create & Clone AD User web part, one can easily create a new AD account via SharePoint interface by simply filling a few fields such as first and last names, email, login and password as well as departments and SharePoint groups they are assigned to.
For a more convenient way to add new AD accounts, Virto Create & Clone AD User provides a “clone” option. With this option one can easily clone an existing AD profile by choosing data fields that are to be cloned: e.g. department, office phone and address, company domain, etc.


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