Virto ONE License for SharePoint 201X annual billing

$ 4'788.00

Virto ONE license allows you to use all 50+ Virto components for Microsoft SharePoint including Apps for Office 365 at a special price. This is a 1 year subscription offer for all our web parts including free upgrades and migration. Only ONE license for all web-parts for any version of SharePoint!

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Virto ONE license is our special licensing solution that allows you to use all our web parts for Microsoft SharePoint. Use 1 year subscription license to enjoy more than 50 Virto components at the most attractive price you can imagine! Only $359/month per WFE paid annually. Both upgrades to newer versions and Migration are included for free.
The most considerable advantages of Virto ONE are:
-One license for all web-parts for any version of SharePoint (2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019)
-One activation key for everything – no need to request new activation key when a new version is ready
-One expiration day for all licenses – easy to manage your payments
Learn more about Virto ONE here:

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